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Good afternoon all....Just showered and put on a ton of make up. The brown spots have turned kinda blackish and left cheek looks like someone decked me. Just spots but weird. We're going down to Charlie Brown's Monkey Island for dinner with friends. 30'x30' island in the middle of the Homosassa river that has 4-5 monkeys living there. No one knows for sure where they came from....the restaurant feeds them. Up river is Lou the hippo who altho is not a native has been given native status to live out his life here. Yup live in a strange area.

Lynn is having a perfect Florida day for first day here. It's 82 right now with blue bird sky.

Gesh sitting here typing and both my hearing aid batteries died. Both! good thing i don't have a 3rd ear. It is so weird when that happens the world goes quiet. I totally ignore the chirp warning and get shocked everytime. Actually quiet is nice.

Pulled up the web page to check the menu and aside from a salad guess this is not an OP night. Have to see what is the special maybe Dh and I can split a meal.

Have you looked at the original yellow poka dot bekini? Remember thinking how daring and the pants are really like bright colored big girl panties. Long ways from a tong. We went to the wigwam and saw the Everly Brothers singing "wake up little suzy" on our 2nd date and that song still turns my heart strings. ahhhhhhhh

Glad that Spring is getting to you all. By the time you are in full Spring we'll be closing up the house for the summer heat. Nice right now without the a/c sucking dollars up.

Got an email with before and after pictures of japan. OMG it is so bad. Gone just gone and so dirty. 1992 no name storm that hit this area they think was a stunami. The flooding came inland miles from the Gulf, but nothing like Japan.

They are blowing the horn,,,,karen3
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