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Maenad Those scales are sure to be way out of whack, just save all your weight loss up for a great figure next week The change in scales is actually something really bothering me, when I go home, I hope my UK scales read the same as my Thai scales, or it'll completely mess up last weeks weigh in, in fact, not sure it'll even be fair for me to weigh in that week. Will wait and see what the difference is first I guess!

Snow wolf Thanks for the birthday wishes, I had a great day, and you're so right, we've got to be realistic about this 'dieting' if it's really going to be a forever lifestyle type thing.

Well done on getting through your workout, mind over matter is by far and away the hardest thing for me. I've got sooo much better since seeing the results though, now I know that keeping on going even when I want to give up really makes a huge difference, and that works, most of the time! Hope TOM doesn't arrive until after your theatre.

Lostangel Hope you're having a good day, I love seeing you and the team banner popping up on a few of the other threads I read!

Summershine Sending a huge whoosh your way (and keeping one for myself, I'm going to need it this week!)

OK well, getting back OP has been a little hard today, but not as bad as I feared. I've been very lazy with the exercising, just doing about 10 mins strength training on my arms. But tbh, cardio is by far and away my main focus for the next month, and I only want to do that every other day, so there will be a few more 'quiet' days in my exercise routine, which I have to use to start sorting my life out for the big move home!

If I get on OK running on the track tomorrow, I'll do a workout DVD on Thurs and then jog again on Friday. If tomorrow kills my legs, I might sit out the video on Thurs and just do my jogging this week until my legs get more used to track running, we'll see!
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