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Good Morning Golden Girls,

No snow on the ground here today, no rain falling from the sky. Where am I? But there is a light frost out, or that's what it looks like anyway. And it looks like the sun is trying to peak out already. Nice day? At least I can hope. Nothing much to do today. Hubby is painting and looking forward to getting that out of the way. I'm having breakfast right now and it's oatmeal with rasins and lots of cinnamon and a light sprinkling of walnuts and splenda. I also like yogurt with lots of fruit and maybe a very light sprinkling of fiber one. or a scrambled egg on lightly toasted bagle thins and a small glass of V8. And ocasionally a bowl of cheeroes. You can add fiber one to anything and make it more satisfying, filling, low calorie and healthy. Maybe we should do one day of lunches too? and later dinners? Just occasionally?

Donna, I can her you girl, about standing on the hard floor for hours. I get leg cramps so bad, especially the second 12 hour day. Pretty, pretty bad blanket. I used to crochet but quit. I've tried to get back inot it, but my fingers are so stiff now that Ihave problems holding the needles. Shouldn't have ever quit and my fingers would probably be more moble.

Lynn, You walked 2 1/2 hours? I'm not going to B---- about walking my hour today!!!

Rosey, I know you will be able to more things a little later but right now the protein is so important. It seems that if soemthing is taken from us, that is what we want. Our unit clerk at work, taht had the surgery, is smaller than I am now. And the Choppers are neet. I bet the guys are going to be asked where they got them. You may be getting orders.

Nancy, Most of my family is big also. It's a problem sometimes. and no, most people don't have a clue on how to accomodate them. I'm not sure if it's not thinking or what. And don't worry about your "goal" weight. I said I would determine what my goal weight was when I got there. Do what is comfortable for you. To heck with charts!

Z, Dahling, you are being missed.

Karen3, I like the sound of your soup. One serving of that stuff and you're set for lunch! And it makes getting in enough fiber so much easier. Plus it sounds like it tastes good. No matter how healthy something is, you're not going to eat it if it doesn't taste good.

Karen31, Healthy dinner. Have you noticed that you have started eating healthier since you started exercising? I know I do. I don't want to mess all that exercise up.

Sherri, OK, we're waitng for new on the weight in. And we have our fingers crossed.

I know we have a lot of ladies missing from action right now. Thinking of you. Hurry back.

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