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I will make time!!!
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kariatari-thank you.^_^

takingcontrol-Hey, it is your b-day!!! I'm sorry I was so focused on being supportive in a weight-loss-sort-of-way that my brain died and I forgot to say:....!!! Im glad you had an awesome day! and HIGH-5 to being the skinny chick on the next b-day! AMEN to that! and just one more and have faith in yourself, this is a life style your fallowing here so just keep going, keep pushing! You can do it! and thank you. Dido.

lostangel05- Great job girlie! Keep up that steady weight loss. I hope to do the same. And I hope you make some mulla (sp?) with the yard sale. That's coming up for me also.

maenad-Stupid cheapy scales. I bet you'll have a great lose for the next one. Keep staying stronge and on track. Go kick some butt!

hmmm, I can tell TOM is coming upon be soon. I really hope next week becuase this Thursday is Broadway Memories for theatre and I don't want to have my period, I did last time. I just pray God will not bless me with it this week. Um, also I've noticed I get kind of snacky right before my TOM and want to just eat, I had to fight that urge today. I'm very proud of myself. Even though last night I hade some frozen yogart and today I had the rest of isn't that bad, but I felt fluffy and gross...and I wanted to just eat more stuff instead of doing my Turbofire. But then right when I just wanted to give up and go for a walk my mom told me to just do it( kind of embarressed to admit that, but still in high school as a senior). I thought about it. I didn't come this fare for nothing. I could just push myself. I grumbled over and...guess what? I did the whole 45 minutes! sure laking a little intensity and energy but I was pushing and huffing and sweeting, then did the 10 minture streach class. I am so proud of myself right now. Plus I learned an importent lesson: Mind over matter. I learned that I have to like that pain. That I can go harder. Next time I'm going all out I'm goint to die. And I'm going to like it. Maybe I'll cuse in my head...or picture beating someone up...or picture my best body in a bikini or my graduation dress. Either way I've made up my mind that I'm going to be in pain, becuase I CAN go there. It's all in my head. And one more thing I AM NOT going to let my pre-tom and tom effect me with any of this. It's not an excuse, I'm determined and it's not going to get in my way! Also another thing is I think I'm having to much fat in my diet. Ex: Putting I can't believe it's not butter on my pan for eggs and on my toast.

Ok guys, let's kick our own butts! So we can kick the other team's butt! hehehe...let's win! But more importently, let's all be the BIGGEST LOSER!
currently: 145
goal: 133

May Goal: Exercise 4 time a week and measure myself!

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