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Hey G.G.s,
First (since Bobbi asked), for breakfast today I had a sausage sandwich - 2 turkey sausages on a whole-wheat bun with mustard & 1 tsp. grape jelly (220 cal.), & a 4 oz. cup of unsweetened applesauce (50 cal.). Yum! Tomorrow will be a scrambled egg with 2 turkey sausages & a half a sandwich thin (toasted) with a tsp. of light margarine & a tsp. of jelly (about 270 cal. total). I usually try to keep breakfast around 300 cal. Also, before I eat anything, I drink 2- 24oz. glasses of water (I’ve gotten a bit obsessive about water).

Enough about that, but still on the subject of food, yesterday we ate out at the Texas Roadhouse, & I really pigged-out! I’m ok with that (well, sort of ok, & I’m back OP today!), but I do want to vent about something that happened there. There were 6 of us, all, except me & my mom (& we're definitely not small), over 200 lbs. (one is over 300 lbs.), one was carrying a small portable oxygen tank, & we’re all over 50. And they tried to seat us in a large booth! We probably would have fit (just barely), but it would have been quite uncomfortable, & have made for a very unpleasant experience. At first, we all just stood there & looked at each other & at the booth, in disbelief. The waitress just ignored our reaction & started setting up the table, & when I spoke up & told her it wouldn’t do, she acted like she couldn’t understand why not. I just said “we’re bigger than that, we won’t fit!” She acted like she still wanted to argue, but finally, reluctantly, said she’d have to check & see if she could get us another table. (At the time, we were standing beside 2 sets of empty tables with chairs, & room for 8 or 10 people at each, but….. possibly they were reserved?) Anyway, she finally came back & led us to the other side of the restaurant, to a large table with chairs, & (fortunately) turned us over to a different waitress. The rest of the experience was quite nice - the food was good, & so was the service. I realize that the first waitress was not the one who decided where to seat us, but the problem should have been obvious, & she shouldn’t have tried to argue. And the person who did make that decision should have known better! We were all standing right there in front of her! Some people just don’t (can’t?!) think! Ok, that was a very long rant, about a very small problem, but some things just bug me! And, if I hadn’t spoken up when I did, my mom might have. She has a habit of causing very big scenes over much smaller things than that, & that would have upset me (a lot of history there - many bad experiences growing up), & things could have gotten ugly. Enough already, I’m shutting up about that now, I promise!

I wasted too much time on that rant! And I’ve got things I need to do, so a couple of comments & I’m outta here. Rosey, I really enjoyed seeing your pics, maybe everyone should post their wedding photos, or just some old pics of themselves. I think they’d be fun to see! And, Bunti, you really should try out that photo program, I really have fun with mine. Here are a couple of pics of my cats that I put together & altered with my photo program.

I’ve really got to go now! Back tomorrow.
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