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Good Morning, All...
KarenMO and Rosey, LOVE the wedding pictures!! I don't even know where my wedding albums are, but if I can find them, I'll scan a picture... such innocence and hope in those faces. KarenMO and I have chortled before about how stupid and clueless we were at that age, but we thought we knew it all "because we were married!". Thanks for sharing!!

KarenFL, have you told us the title of your DS's book? You probably have, but I'm old and tired and have forgotten!

Nothing much to report. I did a store demo yesterday and had fun; however, I could hardly MOVE when the shift was over. Every bone in my body throbbed with pain, and two Aleve finally knocked it around midnight. This is with good shoes and a cushion mat! Before, with just the hard floors, I suffered for the full day afterward, too.

Hope you all have a lovely week. Pray for the Japanese people... interestingly, I saw something on Tokyo last night, and they said there's no indication there that anything happened! Restaurants are full, people are out spending money, everything's as usual.... The poor (the POOR) folks are the ones suffering!

I just finished this baby afghan. CUTE!

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