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I will make time!!!
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takingcontrol- Whoop!! Congrats on the loss this week! Keep doing amazingly great!

lostangel05-Congrats on going pass that 197! Keep going!! Keep it up!

Yay! I'm happy with my weight loss this week, down -3 lbs at 138.6. =D @takingcontrol, I am waiting for my thighs, butt, and legs to catch up also. It's really irriating me I don't want to get muscular I want a nice sleak elequent degree of tone-ness. I'll just keep going and eventually I'll start to lose more fat in those areas, right? They are the areas I want to lose fat the most. I want to be able to stand without my thighs touching!

Anyway team lets keep kicking some grass lets have huge whooshes next week!
currently: 145
goal: 133

May Goal: Exercise 4 time a week and measure myself!

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