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I've applied a couple times. Last week I went for another disability exam of course through a state doctor... He told me that what I was experiencing was depression. WTF!?!?! He was talking about the debate on whether fibromyalgia is real and I could tell he thinks it's all bullsh*t. I've had depression since I was a young child and then at 18 probably 10 years after I had been experiencing it BAMM! Horrible pain! I was an athlete, I was in weight lifting and now I can't even feed myself or get out of bed a lot of the time. I literally force myself to workout because if I don't I start to get sick again. I am finally starting to pull myself out of a year long flare and it scares me to... deal with this in silence I guess. The government won't listen. The best thing they've done for me is allowed me to get medical marijuana because at least that doesn't cause worse effects than I'm already dealing with and I can actually attend school again.

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