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Good afternoon....I wrote all the dates and appointments on my wall calendar and just realized the worse is done. Even got our taxes done this am and Nancy's, too. Gezz now you have pay $15 to file Uncle can get your money faster???? I bragged about calling the local bank for Nancy's 1099 stuff....well they forget to tell me whether they filed under her SSN or Fed tax number. I called them twice from the office and got cut off twice...last I heard was woman saying she had to email???? huh.....CPA says they were taken over and apparently they need permission to do anything. Only big thing left to do is my next face treatment on Tuesday. Can't wait.

NoNoNo I don't wanna be 13 Again....NoNoNo....Just surprised I could remember the song. This was the same day I went an hour early for a denist appointment.

Zoe...About the tests if something was really badly wrong you would have heard in a heartbeat....Remember Sun is Daylight saving time. Now the drive to work will be dark but the trip home will be in sunlight.

Bunti... Compliments are so hard. I crave them but get so flustered with them. My DF told my mother every day how beautiful she was and my DH would swallow his tongue if he had to say something like that. Besides he thinks a compliment therefore i should know what he's thinking.

Rosey I found a recipe from Rachel Raye I want to try. Green eggs and ham. Think I can really LF SF it. It is muffin cups made with 1 slice of deli ham, Lf creamed spinach, FF1/2 and 1/2, and an egg on top. Baked
375 for 15-20 minutes. I'll make 6 and we'll have breakfast done for 3 days.

Bobbi....Pain like your headaches are a warning that something ain't right. You need another opinion.

Lynn....Survivor was so good Wednesday. I have loved to hate Russel. And when he started to cry I was oh poor guy then he immediately became the evil Russel. Had to laugh out loud.[B] DD says you all are getting a good rain. Their pond is almost full again. I think Plant City strawberry Festival is this weekend. We had Floral City's last weekend. (Floral City is tiny maybe 500 people)

Karen....You are looking mighty fine girl....mighty fine!

Freda....are you close to a flood zone and will you have pull overtime? Yuck.

Found a 2' tub with a couple of tomato plants blooming it and going out on the front porch after tonight. They are calling for possible freeze warning tonight. Hey it's been 80+....what's a freeze warnin?

Am struggling with the diet and must be eating something wrong because the CRAVES are killing me. I just want SOMETHING sighhhhh

Grilled seafood tonight.....BBL karen3

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