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Hey G.G.s,
Been sitting here watching the news for the past couple of hours. All that devastation in Japan! And now the worry about Hawaii & the West Coast! Sure hope that turns out to be a false alarm! So, I guess Iíll be glued to the TV for the next few hours. Sure hope our G.G.s in Alaska & British Columbia, & everyone else in harm's way, will be ok! And wondering just what I would, or could, do, if something like that was expected in this area??!!!

Ok, trying to think about something elseÖ.. Bobbi, I hate to think of you having to deal with those awful headaches almost daily! Sure wish there was something I could do! I donít have a lot of faith in doctors, but there must be someone out there who can figure this out & get you some relief! To happier thoughtsÖ All those fruit trees - must be so beautiful when theyíre blooming, please post pics! We had to cut down 6 flowering trees (some kind of fruit we couldnít identify) on our vacant lot, a few years ago, to make room for a rental mobile home. I hated it, but we needed the income. I noticed yesterday, that one of them has grown back to about 10 feet high, & seems to be getting ready to bloom. I sure hope so, because they were just so pretty.

KarenFL, 13 again?! Like Freda, I wouldnít want to go back there, only Iím sure! Not a good time for me - lots of turmoil! I actually sorta feel like Iím happier with my life now than I ever was before. Thatís a good thought, Iíll have to remember it! Oh, & Freda, so sorry youíre not seeing signs of Spring yet, but Iím sure you will, any day now! And, our rain has finally stopped & the sun is out. Yay! Hope yourís has stopped too.

Gayle, sounds like youíre going to enjoy that new work schedule. And youíll get to sleep late! Iím jealous! Hope it doesnít take too long to adjust to the new routine.

Rosey, yay! for you on catching up with that ticker. Glad youíre getting some sunshine there. You donít live near the coast, do you? Iím still worried about that tsunami!!

Donna, I have a problem taking compliments too. Especially when people say Iím little (by the way, I forgot to thank you for that, Zoe!). I will always be a ďfat girlĒ, but Iím good with that! I think it makes me appreciate, more, where Iím at now, & keeps me vigilant about maintaining.

Hey Lynn, glad you & your DD live on high ground, & are safe from flooding. I sure hope youíre getting a break from all that rain!

Mary, I think youíre really lucky to get to do all that traveling. I hope my SO & I will be able to do some when he retires (but thatís a long way off, darn!). Thatís a tough call on selling the RV. A while back, I saw a couple on TV that had sold their house, & just kept a lot to park their RV on when they werenít traveling. That way, they lived in the RV year-round. I thought that was a pretty neat idea, but I donít know if I could do it. I just have so much stuff, that Iím pretty attached to - things from my grandmother & great-grandmother, things Iíve collected, etc., etcÖ. and, Iím pretty much a homebody. Still, itís an interesting idea.

KarenMO, I like your new avatar pic. You look pretty in pink! That Wii is doing you good!

Well, Iím going back to watching the Today show & all the tsunami coverage. Be safe everyone!
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