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This trip has sure been eventful....we've had the best of times and some of the worst too! Today we are really homeward bound and we decided to spend one night at a Naval Air Station...first we came in the wrong gate (GPS grrr), and it had the blockades set up to deter terrorists and we knew we couldn't get through with our rig so we tried to turn around and caught the lower drivers side of our trailer where the propane is stored. It cracked the fiberglass and dented in the whole door. My dh is just sick because he works hard at keeping the trailer so nice and we were thinking about selling when we got home although not for sure. Hopefully it won't cost too much to get it fixed. Last year was our year for health issues, and this year is for expense I guess. But I know it will all work out.

One good thing is that our son has decided to stay in the house a bit longer and will pay his share of the payment next month (we've been spliting the cost). That will delay our having to pay it all for another month at least. So praising God for that. I think he is finding it not so easy to find another place. I told him he could still stay if he keeps his part part of the deal. I don't see how he can find cheaper rent. So only God knows how it will all work out but I feel at peace about it now most of the time.

We had lunch at Subway and I chose the flatbread instead of the regular bread. Not sure how many carbs that saves (if any) but I figured it might save some. Not quite as good though. I think I'll go back to getting the regular bread but removing some of the inside of the bread. Saw that on Biggest Loser and have done it once or twice.

Since we were traveling we only got in a short walk today...maybe a block or block and a half.

My victory today: I was tempted to get a candy bar at the travel stop but I didn't! Yea!
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