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Default you know how refreshing you are? A few years ago we had a moderator called *****, she didn't last long after we clashed. I have used the same color, the same font and the same size as long as I can remember. Our moderator sent me a private post sayings it was too large and others were complaining about the size and color. She told me to lower the size, think about a different color to appease everyone. She was power hungry, bossy and narrow minded. She had a very successful weight loss journey and had the WHOLE JOURNEY POSTED on all her posts. I asked if she was going to remove all that history on her post plus a few choice words, got a snotty post back that she was very offended. She left shortly after that, good riddance. I don't think anyone complained about my posts, only her.
Anyway, I'm so happy that you like all the bigger fonts.
P.S. Zoe...guess I missed that part about Karen's son living there rent free. Sorry KarenMo, but I sure do agree with Zoe. Maybe that's something you and hubby should think about. How old is he?'s snowing here too, suppose to get3-5 inches. I've got herb starter kits growing, they'll probably be too big by the time all the snow melts around here.

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