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Originally Posted by weezle View Post
Claire -

As a Christian that practices the tradition of giving something up for Lent, I can tell you that the purpose of it (at least as I was raised) is to show your dedication and commitment to your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, by giving up something you enjoy from Ash Wednesday (when Jesus retreated into the wilderness to fast) and Easter (when Jesus rose from the dead after dying for the sins of the world.) Kind of like a "Hey, you died for me, I can give up alcohol for you for a month and a half."

My question to you if you choose to follow this tradition is: Why are you doing it? If you're a self-proclaimed Athiest, I don't really see the point, unless you are just trying to appease those around you. However, it also is a personal choice whether or not to follow this tradition, and at least in the States, isn't something we go around holding people accountable for. If you're Catholic here and don't give something up (as my fiance chooses not to) we don't beat you over the head until you give something up.

It's a time for self-reflection and dedication to Christ. IMO, if you're Athiest, I don't think you really need to follow this tradition, no matter what the country you live in dictates.
Sorry? Were you talking to me? I dont proclaim to be an athiest? or have i misunderstood and you were talking about in general? I am a Christian(raised pentecostal-charasmatic growing up and still follow it) and we do 40 days of prayer..but for the fasting part, thats all a personal decision and usually its food..or a type of fast..and in this is not a type of fast i do when i do feel called to fast... But when i do..its personal and it will mean somthing to me..but ya..never heard of "lent" before.. is it european? and i dont know much about catholocism either???
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