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Good Morning! I am still plugging along OK around here. I did my body test on the wii but haven't decided if I am going to do the workout or "attack" this house! My house really needs to be "blessed" too!

We haven't seen our son since Tuesday afternoon about 3:30 when he went to work. We did get a text from him on Wednesday about noon saying he was OK and had woke up at the bartenders house!! Would be home soon. I didn't reply to him. Then got a second text wanting to know if I got the first text---replied Yes. then a third from him--you mad? Didn't reply to that one either and haven't heard a thing since. Friday I sent him a text and said, "Have you moved out/on? Whats the deal?" And Dad called and left a voicemail on his cell. Haven't heard a word. We drove up through the parking lot of his job last night and his car wasn't there. So I called them and asked if he was working. They said he is supposed to be but hasn't showed up yet. I told him I was his Mom and his Dad and I have been looking for him a couple days. Then about an hour later his job called here to see if we had heard anything from him 'cause he still hadnt' shown for work. They said they would call if he showed up. No call back. I called the jail and he isn't there so guess that is good, but it just makes me more angry. So tell me again the many blessings of having kids-- kind of hard remembering them right now! Guess you can tell I'm pretty disgusted.
So maybe if I "attack" this house it may be just shining by the end of the day and I know I will burn lots of calories!

Ok enough of my rant--I really hope everyone has a Wonderful Sunday. I decided not to go to church today... just too frustrated.

Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow. ~

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