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Your story sounds a lot like mine. I have never had much to loose...its always been 10-20 lbs. and until I got it in my head (recently) that itsthose last 20 that bother me...I haven't really stuck to any diet. I would come home after a perfect day and just pick up stuff to put in my mouth for no reason at all. I didn't enjoy it either and felt guilty afterwards. People have been ellig me all my life that I don't need to lose weight and I think my unconscious beleived everytime I had small successes...I sabotaged them. It's the small goals that will get me through this and possibly at major goal for the end. Also, I have learned not to listen to people and what they say about my weight. I don't go tothem for reinforcement ...I use this site to get me through my bad times. Only people like us really understand what we go thru everyday. hang in there..yes success to realize that you want to change. Just do it!!!
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