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Hey G.G.s,
Busy day, yesterday. My mom & I went to do some “banking” things, & since the bank (actually a credit union) is close to both the Goodwill & the Salvation Army store, of course I had to shop. Mom likes thrift stores too, but she gets tired before me, so we didn’t stay too long, & I didn’t get too much. We stopped at McDonald’s, because she was getting hungry, & we each had a small order of fries & a small vanilla shake. I know, I know!! But it was gooood!! (I just ate a small burger later, & that was lunch & supper, so not too bad!) then we had to stop at a grocery store & Big Lots (another of my favorite stores). Finally, I dropped Mom off at her house, then stopped at another McDonald’s to get supper for SO (& my burger), so he wouldn’t feel left out (& I didn’t feel like cooking). That McDonald’s is inside Walmart, so I got a little exercise walking in, by parking far out. It had been very windy all day, but warm - temp in the 70’s. A couple of hours after I got home, the storms started. It was pretty scary for awhile, but we made it through safely. Of course the computer was unplugged until this morning, so I couldn’t visit here until now. And here it is March already!

Zoe, nice avatar pic - you do NOT look “old, mildewed & crotchety"! I have to say, though, that I prefer the summertime “glam” one, to the wintertime “scholarly” (as Lyn put it) one. I like to look at pics that make me feel warm during the long cold days of winter, & vice versa. Who needs REALITY?! I always pick a nice “warm” pic for my desktop background when it‘s cold, & usually put up a snowy one in the summer! FANTASY’s the way to go! And, I did not consider your advice as a “lecture”, just concern, & it was appreciated. Believe me, I have learned my lesson about going back to “normal” eating! That’s why, this time (finally!) I know I have to do “maintenance” eating for the rest of my life. Why did it take me so long to learn that?! Is this the “wisdom” that’s supposed to come with old age? (You know I’m still waiting for that! When do we suddenly become “wise”?!!! Anybody know?) Enjoyed reading about your revenge on the ex! You are one formidable lady!

Bobbi, I love hibiscus plants, but have managed to kill the ones I’ve tried to grow (I think I have a “black” thumb). The plants remind me of Florida. As KarenFL said, they’re in yards everywhere down there. I especially like the doubles & triples. Hope your massage helps you feel better!

KarenFL, were you talking about the Strawberry Festival in Plant City? If they even still have it there? I used to go to it when I lived in Lakeland. Sorry you lost at bridge, but you’ve got to let someone else win, sometimes!

Gayle, sorry you lost your post. I’m having trouble with mine, because my connection won’t let me stay online long enough to get it sent!

Ok, I really should do something besides sitting here & typing to you all, all day! Housework & laundry is calling (Donna, do you actually do windows?! I would, but the darn things just get dirty again.).
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