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Happy - Thanks for starting up the new thread.

I brought this over from the old thread:

Good morning ladies -

My lungs were doing a little better this morning...but just closed down for some reason, and I can't nebulize for another 2 hours. Yesterday, DH and I went to the pharmacy, and then I got home, ate, showered, changed into jammies and went to bed. I slept really well throughout the night.

Lots to get done today...I've got 4 reports to review/finalize, and I have to find documentation relating to decison making and project execution/leadership to justify my request for a promotion. I feel like saying...just promote me because you know how awesome I am.

DANG IT!!!! I left my meds at home!! I always eat breakfast after I get here, so I bring my a baggie of pills and vitamins with me to take after I eat. I must've left them on the kitchen table! Must relax now....getting stressed out about missing my meds will only serve to further constrict my airways.

Awww, I've got the best boss ever! He just came by (probably because he heard me coughing up a lung or two). He asked how I was doing...and when I couldn't catch my breath to speak an answer...he asked if I should even be here. I said I'd be okay...but I mentioned that I forgot my meds at home. So he suggested that leave in an hour or two once I finish up what I need to here and work from home in the afternoon.

Shad - We're having a hot day today too...temps are supposed to get up to 40! Sorry that the A/C in your building is set to freeze. Sorry that your nose is predicting autumn soon...but if that means spring is nearly here, I'm glad for that. How did your Japlish conversation go?

Laura - Congrats on winning the "most correct guesses" award. Sounds like you had a great long weekend. Did you get to the movies last night? Or just relax?

Mel - I'm glad there's not too much drama or excitement in the building. You deserve a break. I hope you were able to sort out Jen's gov't agency problems. You're having sciatica pain...that's awful. I'm glad the codeine is helping ease the pain a little.

Well, I've got lots to get done before I head I'd better get to it.

Lots of love and hugs,

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3) Follow the Bariatric surgery eating plan
4) Make the most of each moment
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