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thank you all for your responses. losing weight was hard and i know i've done well. i have about 10 more lbs to go. i really enjoy eating healthy and working out. after yesterday i realized i need to evaluate why i binge because i really want to change and don't want this to be apart of my future. at the start of my weightloss i would have a goal of 8-10lbs a month and if i made that goal i would binge. or if i knew a special occassion was coming up i would say ok, if i eat perfect until then i could have whatever i wanted. i also convinced myself that if i was plateaued a binge would shock my body and i could start losing again. sometimes it worked, kind of like calorie or carb cycling. i still think cycling isn't bad advice, a trainer taught me about it, but i know that eating a platter full of desserts is not healthy or normal. i was felt so sick after i did it too. so today i tried to think of why i did it. one of the main reasons is because i am so strict on myself most of the time. i thought about giving myself one treat a week, but usually one treat doesn't satisfy me and it just brings on cravings for more. i can do so well when i'm in a routine, i know if i wouldn't have gone to that party i would have had a great on plan day. i don't have a problem saying no, a lot of my friends are trying to lose weight too and they praise the willpower i have. if something doesn't look amazing then i really don't need to have it. yesterday at the party, i knew those desserts were to die for. they were from a really good bakery here, i sampled other stuff and was able to toss the ones that weren't great. but the ones that were so good, i just couldn't get enough. and it's not like i can't go get them any day of the week. so you would think my plan could be to have one once a week.

how have you all learned moderation....or have you? i know if i have a serving of dessert once a week i won't kill my diet or results, but i need to figure out how to limit it to just one serving!

i can let this bad day go, i just don't know how to prevent it from coming again. even worse, i feel the cycle coming on again because i can give up sweets(the only thing i ever really want to binge on) for lent and i have a vacation in may i want to lose 10lbs for. but i usually binge on vacations. thanks for listening, i'm really not comfortable talking with anyone about this.
foodmasochist- i don't know if i could ever go vegan, but i do eat vegetarian most of the time. i do low carb and that really helps with cravings. i rarely eat fruit. the carbs i get are from veggies, beans, low carb pitas/tortillas. i also rarely drink regular milk, it's very high in sugar.
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