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Default pretty sure i belong here, any advice

well i'm going to read a lot of past threads in this category, but i definitly know i belong here. throughout my whole weightloss journey i've binged. yesterday was bad. i was at a party and i way overate on desserts. i ate about 3 cookies, 4 mini cupcakes, 1 chocolate covered strawberry, a mini cheesecake and a mini cake. i'm so disgusted with myself as i type this. then i wasn't going to eat the rest of the day to make up for it and i was very full. in a few hours i actually got hungry again and i figured i could had already ruined the day so i might as well eat something i loved and start fresh tomorrow. so i went and got my favorite ice cream and made cookies when i came home. my downfall is obviously sweets. i know that i should have just picked one dessert at the party and enjoyed that. my problem is that just one would not have made me happy, i can't figure out moderation. i would rather not even touch the bad stuff. it's easier for me to resist if i don't even start, once i get a taste for something i like i can't even stop. i binge about once a month and i need to figure out how to stop this cycle. it makes me so sick and sad that i can't have a normal relationship with food. i love sweets, how can i enjoy them without binging?
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