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Plum - thanks for the info. If it works for you, it works for you. People wouldn't agree with fasting as being an ideal way to lose weight, but guess what?! it works for me.

I weighed in today at 154.5. I am back in my normal BMI (the Wii told me so).
- From the 4-day diet I lost 2lbs
- From one day of fasting (on the Beachbody Fast formula) I lost 1lb

Last night at like 2 in the morning I had to eat though. I couldn't fall asleep and was getting a head ache. I had a piece of cheese, toast, and pickle. I made my bf come with me to the kitchen to make sure I didn't binge. I def. feel you need to be in the right state of mind to do a fast. During the day yesterday I was totally there, then I indulged in my gambling addiction and threw myself off. My BF hates that I'm doing this but is being partly supportive which helps.

Also yesterday, I did a cleaning overhaul of the living room. It looks great. Like people live there and it's not the dogs' den. I rearranged the furniture so I will have room to workout. It has got me really motivated.

I'm planning on eating a dinner tonight. Something, lite like salad and leftover soup from phase 1 of the 4-day diet. Tomorrow, I'm going into the Transition phase. I want to be sure to continue to portion control my food.
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