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Vicki... you didn't specify where "out there" is, but I can guarantee you'll find lots of good info in this forum... there are several great sticky threads, including the two already mentioned... I don't have a clinic near me either, so I've done this entirely on my own... well, not entirely, I had the wonderful folks of this forum to give me the support & guidance I needed... when I first discovered IP, it was confusing to me, but what I did was read this forum voraciously... another thing you absolutely need to do is read Dr. Tran's book, you can find the link in the first post of every daily chat thread... also, visit his website for more info...

A quote I posted on another thread just a few days ago & read myself every day: A permanent solution takes hard, smart work & sacrifice on your part... human nature always seeks the path of least resistance...

We'll be happy & honored to help you along the way, but it ultimately comes back to you doing the work...

Aunt Sheshie

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