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Default For Real This Time!

Hi everyone on 3FC I joined last year but didn't get into it too much-life happened, I guess! Anywho, here I am again but for real, because my partner and I have 2 important weddings to attend at the end of this year (Oct and Dec). And, let's be honest, I want to look SMOKIN'. So, I'm aiming for about 25lbs lost by then, which seems very doable and reasonable to me (right?).

I am at my heaviest right now, 180lbs, and was only ever as low as 160 4 years ago, but I didn't really work at it and I am ready to work for it! Size-wise I'm at a 16 (I just admitted this to myself, what a relief and a wake up call) but have been pretending a 12 is still comfy. So, I would like to be a 10 (or 8!) by the time of the first wedding.

I keep reading the wonderful posts about goals being met and weight support and I just need to jump in and finally commit. Oh, and I also turned 30 recently and would like this decade to be lived with greater health and confidence!

Thanks for reading!
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