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Default Alcoholic / Compulsive Overeater

Hello All,

My Name is Jamie I am a recovered Alcoholic who hasn't touched a drink or a drug in five years. Whilst I have enjoyed good quality sobriety and alot of peace of mind, I know I could have a much better recovery if I could just get abstinent. I sit here on day one feeling achy, irritable and twitchy with a headache the way I always feel when I get abstinent.

I understand the twelve steps well but have never gone through the steps from the start for my problems with food. I am lucky in that I got sober with next to no effort at all , I just quit and that was it. I always kind of felt superior to chronic busters ( people who struggle to get sober) in that I never had to struggle to get well from consuming alcohol, but boy oh boy has food ever taught me about powerlessness.

I intend to buy myself a bigbook from my homegroup meeting tomorrow night and systematically go through it and wherever I see the word "drinking" or alcohol I am going to whiteout the word and then write in food or compulsive eating. I tried reading the Big Book of alcoholics anonymous last night and doing this and it gave me a sense of understanding like I have never known before. I am looking forward to getting well from this once and for all by the Grace of God, I'm 35 and I've suffered since I was 9 years old, I've had enough of the pain.

Looking forward to joinging you all in the fellowship of the spirit, trudging our road to happy destiny.

God Bless

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