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Hi all....I'm here. Actually feeling kinda guilty. Spent past 2 days sitting on the lania reading. It was been warm and so quiet that curling up with a good book was all I wanted to do. I cleaned the kitchen yesterday even the oven. Did it the lazy way. Did one chore and scooted back to my book. Read a chapter and did another chore. So took me all day. i had forgotten about the Mary Russell mysteries(Sherlock's wife) and found the newest one at the library, plus 2 other from a different series she, Laurie King wrote. Finish up the last one tonight.

Another real plus on this South Beaching...Dh's BS was 104 this morning. Don't want to say anything to him, but I have not bought any "white" stuff in a month. No white sour dough bread no potatoes no ice cream.....Last night when I checked into fitday found I was so far under 1000 had to have a bowl of cereal. Me????

Made Dh a big tray of egg plant parm this afternoon when i got home from bridge. Shhh...used 2% mozzarella and egg beaters. He had a stack with dinner and thinks he went to heaven. Oh oven fried the slices. Wish I liked it...bla

Zoe....Please try to check in here when you get to NC....we'll worry

Rosie....sooner or later the weight will drop. The number of calories in is so mini it will happen. Unless you eat like a guy here did. He ate those small snickers bars. One at a time endlessely... come U2 alaska chicks have less snow the the NE? Did the earth tilt? are the world's most organized soul! Freda says list and up you opo with the list!

Karen...That is a perfect snow. Shoveable.

Teagranny...Diana Gabaldan's latest book is kinda like a comic book with drawings of how she see the characters. I went to ordered it and changed my mind. I like the Jamie in my mind just fine. She wrote on her web site that the picture of Jamie/Clair was a bit blue. But really just looked like a romance cover type with what's his name the hairy guy????? as jamie.

Stay warm and take care everyone....hugskaren3

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