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Kim, I like pictures too. Well, maybe not of myself. LOL. But of everyone else they are usually good.

I have to report that I managed the rare feat of eating very light over the weekend. I allowed myself only half of the activity points that I burned off as extra over target and no bonus points(if you've done weight watchers that statement probably makes sense, if you haven't my apologies).

This is one of those weeks where I just don't think I'll be burning down the scales.. my birthday is Wednesday... I'll be 50. Kind of depressing really to realize that the AARP wants you. My DD turns 22 on Sunday, which is also superbowl Sunday. Luckily we are not planning a big party for the super bowl this year, but we did promise to take the kiddo out for dinner. We are going to take a short trip also.. and that is always harder to eat well when you go on a trip and eat at restaurants.. I do plan on being active though. We are planning a short hike, which I've not taken one in awhile due to the foot, so I'm excited to get out and see some great views as not being able to hike has been pretty depressing for me...
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