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Originally Posted by Linden View Post
Yes, you are reading my post incorrectly, and incompletely.

And I appreciate all the defenses. And I think they're justified.

But here's my real response and it's not directed at you, or anyone else. This is a diet for grownups. Grownups research before they ask questions. When they can't find answers, or support, they ask for it. When their coaches say something that they don't understand or, more importantly, don't agree with, they challenge.

And this is for you: they challenge the coach; not me.
That is your real response but yet it is not directed at me? I suppose condescending is just your writing style when you refer to "not me or anyone else" as the opposite of a grownup if we have a question that you have determinded annoying? When you as an advanced member know this stuff already, it may seem that us newbies don't "research" but you are forgetting what it is like to be new at this. Some of us do indeed spend a lot of time looking into this and still have many missing pieces. I am not a cook, I had no idea that heat changed to composition of certain oils. When my coach said to use GO it didn't even phase me to question it as I thought it was a IP rule or something, until I kept hearing about EVOO here.

But beyond that, sometimes when a person gets so much info at once (like during the initial IP visit) you don't think of questions or challenges until after the fact and I don't meet with her for four days.

It is rediculous to post this way to new people in search of answers and I can't believe anyone would defend such behavior.
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