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Originally Posted by kjw83 View Post
Does anyone else have thoughts like I have? I`m on day 14, and haven`t cheated once; I feel great, ect. But I catch myself thinking things like "when this is done I can eat those brownies, or I can`t wait to make that cake or just lots of things, really! Do you get to the point where you don`t care if you never eat desserts or potatoes or things like that again?? I don`t really have cravings and right now I don`t care TOO much that I can`t eat that stuff...I`m just really afraid that I`ll get done with the program and start thinking that I can eat all that stuff again! I love to cook and bake, and I`m afraid that will be a downfall. Anyone else have these same thoughts?!
i have these thoughts, but about alcohol, not food. i keep thinking "ugh, i can't wait until this diet is over so that i can go to bars and parties with my friends again!", or "man, i really miss whiskey..."

i've heard that your tastes will change a lot on this diet, so you might not even like brownies when you are done! i have a big thing for chocolate and ben and jerry's ice cream. i am hoping that i won't like either by the time i'm done.
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