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Originally Posted by CutieEli View Post
Hi everyone!!!

First off all, I am SOOO glad to see the weight losses and the smaller pants sizes!! That is great guys!!!

Me on the other hand, well I am in TOM and I feel like I am blowing out of proportion!!! I usually gain about 3lbs during those couple of days but I am scared that it might not just be water...and the bloading makes me feel like I am pregnant
The reason why I think the +3bs won't just be water is because...
It is getting ridiculous...I do good the whole day and whenever I get a 2-3 minutes alone in the kitchen...uh ho..I go and eat whatever I can!! I don't feel good afterwards I yell at myself ( well in my head there..LOL) but I still do it...
I need to lose just freakin 6 lbs to be in the 100's and I know I can do it, but it seems as though I let my body decide what I want and I can't get control over it... I need help
There's a great thread on here about self-sabotage. I'm bumping it for you. A lot of us have the same issues.

Originally Posted by Coloradodivegirl View Post
Here's a thought for you girls who are shopping for a new style and lots of smaller sizes. This works out really good if you need some clothes that fit, but are still shrinking. Have you thought of the Goodwill or DAV places? You can find some really nice stuff for dirt cheap. I rarely find clothes at the mall that I like, but I can always find a bag full at the goodwill stores.

Just a thought.
Originally Posted by Coqui View Post
Me too. I find great stuff at the Goodwill store.
Genius. Pure Genius. Never thought about Goodwill, even though that's where I'd send my clothes when I outgrew them. Now I will be sending them when I outshrink them!

Originally Posted by Spiffsgal View Post
I too wish to be at goal by my Birthday Feb. 18th! Im at 145.6 and my goal is 137. I am hoping to move to phase II after I hit goal. Let's keep our fingers crossed for each other!!
You can do it! Cut out any restricted, amp up the water, and go for it! I am hoping to be in a size 10 for my birthday (July), but won't be terribly disappointed if I'm not. I don't even know about what size/weight/height thing that is. Hm...I saw a thread on that, too. May bump it up.
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