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Originally Posted by Coloradodivegirl View Post
Well well hmmmm...... Maybe it was you touching that candy that knocked ya out of Ketosis... lol. I'm kidding..

I'm sure someone here can help you, but can't other things knock you off of ketosis? Hmmmm... I don't know if TOM has anything to do with it, maybe not drinking all your water or eating all your veggies? Thoughts anyone?

Hang tight Amber, you'll get thru this!
Don't worry about ketosis. If you're following the plan, it will work. You may have a stall. Up your water. But you're just dealing now with a mental thing. It's hard to have allowed yourself ___ for so many years and now just say no all of a sudden. Then it's still there. You want it. It tastes good. You're just crazy, like the rest of us.

Originally Posted by soccerdixie View Post
Hi Everyone......

I know this is probably bad but I weigh myself everyday and today I am at the same weight as yesterday.... Stayed on protocol so I am a little upset. I really think the bigger issues is weighing myself every morning but I am so pleased when I do lose weight even if it's .1 lbs.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!! Stay warm I know we are looking at more snow/ice/rain in NJ.
Maybe tomorrow will be better! I threw out my scale and only weigh on the days I go to the gym or on weigh-in day. It drives me mad, but otherwise I'd fall off the wagon. Some people don't lose anything for a week, two, a month! You're losing inches. Yay!

Originally Posted by annieann77 View Post
NSV for me today!!! I am back in my pre-pregnancy jeans!!! Size 9!!! My son will be 3 in June, it's nice to be back in my skinny jeans! (they are still a tad tight but next week they will be perfect!!)

Congrats to everyone else on their weigh in's!!
Woo-freaking-hoo! That's awesome!

Originally Posted by reinergirl View Post
Hello Everybody!
My first weigh in is tomorrow morning. I am soooo scared. This last week has really NOT been easy. Did I do it right? I don't have a food scale so have been approximating meat size until I get one. My coach said they don't follow not eating the restricted foods for several weeks due to too many people getting bored with lack of choices. I have been having one a day! She also said no exercise for at least two weeks then start walking. Forgot my salt for two days. Forgot my vitamins at dinner so took em before going to bed. Am I obsessing? I actually forgot and licked the knife that I had made my daughter a peanut butter and jelly sandwich....shoulda seen me spitting in the sink and wooshing water in my mouth straight from the faucet to rinse it out. Please, please let this work.
Originally Posted by Coloradodivegirl View Post
Ya know... this is just cute!

I'm sure you will be pleasently surprised at your WI. I personally wouldn't worry to much about your week, it's hard to break old habits (licking the knife) and remembering all the new stuff that you need to do (salt intake and vitamins) Start fresh tomorrow, maybe leave your vitamins and salt out where you can see them at all times and put a sticky on the cabinet above your head that says "no knife licking" lol!

Best of luck on your weight in!

Originally Posted by tbf410 View Post
I'm right there with you. I started in September also and have had problems since Christmas as well. After my breakdown at my weigh in when I knew things wouldn't go well and I was so concerned with being a disappointment to my family who is also on protocol my coach told me a few things:
1. While he understands being disappointed, I need to be disappointed for me, not for them. At first I thought I am for me and then realized I wasn't. I had to make the decision to go back.
2. If I wanted to I could phase off, perhaps this is the weight I need to be for a while. I thought about that and then I thought if I phase off now I'll never come back. I'm halfway to where I want to be. I've got about 65 more pounds to go. So by May I'm hoping to be there.
3. I got the phone numbers of some people that are also on program so I can call them if need be. While having my family support me is important and I KNOW they understand, it's nice to have someone there to help me out or to at least know I have someone to call that isn't my family so I get over the disappointed issues.

I'm right there with you. I've never been able to shop in a store that wasn't Lane Bryant or DressBarn Plus or Fashion Bug plus so I have no idea 1. where to shop 2. if it will really look good on me 3. where I'm going to get the money I need to finally get a new wardrobe so I don't have dumpy butt at the end. It scares the daylights out of me. It's exciting to get new jeans or pants or even tops now that are a size smaller, but they are still in the bigger sections (started at size 22 currently 14-16). If you figure out how to handle it, let me know!
I deal with worrying about disappointing my family, too, but that's not my final motivator. My bag-o-lard on my tummy is, lol! Really, your coach is right. You have to do it for you, otherwise you will sneak-eat when nobody is around if you're just worried about disappointing your folks. Welcome back 100%!
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