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Originally Posted by VeggieGurlShay View Post
I'm using anger and disgust to fuel my charge.

I need to use that energy to push me forward to the day where my lifestyle changes afford me enough energy to continue without them.
Everyone really is unique, and if this works for you, and you're ok with it, more power to you. I really wish you the best with it.

However, I do have to point out (in case anyone might find it helpful), that this was a major downfall of mine in the past.

Most of my previous weight loss attempts begain with self-loathing, anger, and disgust. And it usually worked in the beginning, but always backfired in the end.

Either I'd get sick of beating myself up and decide that I didn't deserve the self-torture, or when weight loss slowed, I'd see it as proof that I was too despicable, lazy, crazy and weak to succeed.

Seeing weight loss, diet and exercise as ways to pamper my wonderful self, rather than as a way to punish my horrible, worthless self has been much more successful.

I've had a lot more success with "loving myself thin," than "hating myself thin." I try to create a weight loss spa atmosphere at home (making my food choices extra delicious, and my exercise choices extra fun), and the closer I come, the better I lose, but it still often feels weird and uncomfortable, like I'm doing something I don't really deserve.

I wish I could convince myself truly that I do deserve this.
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