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Originally Posted by Hollmark View Post
How long does it take the pancreas to reset?
Another topic up for debate and controversy!

According to Dr Tran, 90 days. According to my coach at least 45 days depending on how much damage has been done.

WHY? All I can find is the pancreas is an organ the replicates its cells about every 6 weeks. If it keeps being damaged and replicates that, you are increasing the number of unhealthy controls. If you let it rest, start undoing damage, theoretically you change/improve the way it responds simply by allowing it time to heal.

It was hard to find anything strong supporting a reset theory but, you can find a fair amount out there regarding pancreas cell structure, life of cells, healing, and rejuvenation.

That leads me to believe that although you can reset it, you may not fix what caused it to break originally and, in if true "do what you did and you get the same results". So, I see this as a chances to get a second chance with more knowledge.

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