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Originally Posted by longdivision View Post
Carla, I have a question that maybe you can answer in regards to alcohol. i'll be turning 30 at the end of march, and a bunch of friends and i are going to las vegas for the weekend. it's a pretty big deal, as even my mom is flying out from florida to be there. i gave up drinking for this diet, but i really want to be able to drink that weekend and enjoy vegas with my friends and family. what should i do?!?!?! would it be better to phase off before that weekend, and then get right back into phase 1 when i get back, or would it be better to stay on phase one the entire weekend but allow vodka drinks? how far back will a weekend of drinking set me? i can deal with a week of no loss in order to celebrate my 30th, but i don't think i could deal with a month of no loss. how concerned about this should i be?

FIRST, and I know you know this, but, for others here I need to remind all of us CHEATS are not on protocol. HOWEVER, life happens and people will participate in it. Some coaches will work with special occasions and events. Talk to your coach and find out their stand on matters. That said... here we go.

This is tough. Vegas is full of temptation and having "one drink" is really hard to do for many people. Also, it is a birthday party, you are the guest of honor. THE PRESSURE! I can't imagine people letting you slide on "enjoying" yourself.

Have you asked your coach? If not, do. She/he may have a plan.

I know Darbs just did this for her Vegas trip and things went well. Try a PM to her for advice too!

A weekend of drinking VERY MODERATELY and not adding any carbs or over eating (say eating phase 2), WOULD set you back a week, maybe 2 but unlikely. The key is moderating the drinking and not eating extra food. That is hard too do sometimes.

It is hard to do because, you (as a female) can only clear about 1.5 oz of liquor from your body in an hour. A bartender can over pour on a mixed drink (especially for a bday girl) and you start having cumulative effects.

This is important because as the blood alcohol increases the body produces insulin which depletes existing blood sugar levels (we still create them with fat and protein) and interferes with the body's ability to produce new sugars from fat and protein (gluconeogenesis). And, then you need food, thus, a craving or a crash.

Also, any uncleared alcohol stops the fat loss process until it is removed.

SO, do you think you can enjoy SOME alcohol, well spaced during your evening and not add the extra food? If so, I would go to a phase 2 weekend and jump right back on phase 1 on Monday. Phase 2 will let u have a protein drink (easy a packet and a bottle of water) or a bar or crisp cereal, or RTD vanilla with coffee for breakfast. Then you can eat cautiously for lunch and dinner. The lunch should be a lean veggie protein or a protein drink with a salad and veggies. Dinner should be the same. It gives you more options.

IF you have to cheat use these : some veggies, edamame, cheese, olives, nuts (I remember you are a vegetarian. Are you vegan, pescatarian, ovo/lacto?) Look for things low carb/ higher fat and with protein if possible. DO NOT do a cheese dip, it is often a mix of things with carbs (spinach dip is one of those mistakes). Avoid lettuce wraps there are added carbs in the sauce and veggies and, high sodium. If you do eat chicken or fish: ONLY eat buffalo wings if you ask how they are made (some places pre flour the wings before cooking and others add butter and sugar or honey to the hot sauce) You need them to be prepared flourless, unbreaded and no added sugars... the butter is a problem too but, less so. Shrimp is fine but no cocktail sauce.. just lemon juice.

If I told you don't have the alcohol would you? Would you be able to, given the events already planned? I wouldn't if it were me and if I had that much effort put into it already.

My advice is not on protocol in this case. It is to help you manage the events and be realistic. You are going to go. You are going to be pressured to have fun by your friends/family. You have been planning for sometime to enjoy a significant birthday with special people. It was in motion before you began the plan. You have an opportunity to learn how to enjoy yourself and manage a new lifestyle. It is a little early in the program but, not a first and it won't be your undoing (not for long).

Plan on having portion control.
Plan now, tell everyone NOW, you are drinking less. You want to share with them but, want to be able to get back on track too. Letting them know you are committed and then getting their support will be helpful.

PACE yourself. Don't drink to the point you need to eat. Enjoy the people and not the food or alcohol the most.

TAKE YOUR SEA SALT. I got some little prescription med ziploc bags at the cvs or walgreens. I put salt in there, zip it up and it fits in even the smallest places. I then have my salt while I am out. Make sure you use it instead of table salt. And avoid salty food items to reduce sodium retention.

Prepare what packets you are going to take.
Check out where you are going to be eating (if you know) and plan ahead what to eat.

The alcohol will effect you some but, truthfully, it is the least of your worries. It is a bigger problem because of what it leads to so, control it and prepare for the other pieces. Doing so you should be able to enjoy the trip and get back on track with the least impact and most quickly.

SIDE NOTE: Stay with vodka or any of the hard liquors that have zero carbs... If you need wine go for a dry white or red. learn the general carb counts of these things before you go as it will help you make up your mind and stay on track.

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