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Originally Posted by staceymr View Post
The adult beverages are getting me in trouble. I just want to know how much derailment am I causing myself when I have a few vodka/mineral water or crown/diet coke? Ugh, I am really trying to resist but it's so hard to in social situations.
Vodka is better that crown by a little. Vodka (unflavored or three olives flavored is zero carbs.) It still has sugar alcohols and some carbs.

The alcohol alone will slow you down a bit. WHY? Because alcohol has to be processed by the liver. FAT is also processed by the liver. The body prioritizes what has to be done to keep us "most healthy" and Alive. In the scheme of things, clearing toxins comes first so, if you are dehydrated (often caused by alcohol) then the kidneys need help and the liver comes in to support it. If you are drinking alcohol, you are drinking a substance the body finds to be a toxin IN PART and it works to clear the toxin out first. Then, when things are more normal and you are again well hydrated, the liver burns fat.

ALSO, the order of burning is carbs, alcohols, fats, protein. If you have no carbs, you are still stalled while your body burns alcohol off then it burns fat. Provided you eat NO EXCESS CARBS (which many people want with alcohol) you will only be delayed slightly.

IF you must have the alcohol and are willing to accept that you will lose a bit more slowly, maybe it is worth it. You need to create a lifestyle you can live with. HOWEVER, that choice will have a price because, you will be buying supplements (IP or other) awhile longer than if you were giving up the alcohol.

REMEMBER, Alcohol is not allowed on the diet because of empty calories, because it often leads to people over eating or adding back carbs, because it slows down fat burning, because it may interfere with the chemistry of the diet, and because it may effect the acidity balance of the diet. It will not through you from ketosis if you use Vodka.

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