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Kim, Wow! we'll be lucky if this January we have 8 pages. It used to take more time to read the posts, that's for sure. I guess with LAWL petering out it is kind of amazing the forum keeps going at all, except for the awesomness of those who post, which is why I keep coming back. I need support to keep fighting the beast that is obesity. Since whenever I don't fight it, the beast wins and steals my happiness and health.

I was really embarassed that I snored like I did... and that losing weight had stopped that curse and then I gained enough back to have it back! And every 5 pounds more seemed to turn the volume up a bit. You don't realize how bad the impact was until it is gone. My mom said her memory is much improved after she lost over 30 pounds on weight watchers, and I think it was the stopping snoring for her too, since when you get good sleep you just feel so much more energetic, and less likely to think that that pack of oreos just might give you the energy to make it through the afternoon.

I managed to get back to gym to spin class this morning. It is just harder the first few weeks of January, since it suddenly is crowded, but the crowds seem to be dying down quicker this year. My DH and I have been going to the same classes with the same group of regulars for over 4 years. It helps to keep you going if someone is going to notice if you don't show up. Skip one or two classes and the next one is killer, and today was killer.. so was Saturday... Its been harder since they cancelled about half the classes a few months ago, so if you don't make Monday, there isn't really one for Tuesday.
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