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Morning Everyone. I hate when I miss a day of posting and reading posts...this is my daily motivation and accountability. I am of the personality that needs both of those daily in order to reach my weight-loss goals.

So, yesterday was a chaotic day at work and due to poor planning on my manager's part for items he needed for a meeting, I missed being able to make my workout at work. I could have gone to the Y when I got home BUT, I hadn't been able to clean my bathroom over the weekend and it was driving me crazy, so I decided to clean it instead (when things are messy around me, I find myself eating to "calm" me--better to clean and miss exercise than to eat when I'm not really hungry!) I also got the home calendar caught up with birthday postings so I won't miss one, like I did this week! and also got other appointments on there so that things are in one place now.

It's very important to me to be organized.

So, I am going to the Y tonight to walk. At first I thought why bother, it's the first time you have worked out this week (didn't make it Monday eithier..DH came home sick and I was taking care of him--getting cold meds and such) and then I thought "I bother because it's the only way I will meet my weight-loss goals).

Did anyone watch BL last night? There was something that Allison said when they were doing that water challenge that I thought was a good "catch-phrase" for me to remember but I've already forgotten it. It was something about hard work. I guess maybe I could watch the episode online and get it?
I have a little dry erase board in my cube where I write things like that and I'd like to update it with what she said.

It looks like we have snow coming--which means that I might not have TOPS and that means another week of not weighing in. So, I'm going to start weighing myself at home every Thursday morning and that will be what I count as "official" for the week, at least until the weather gets better and we don't have to cancel meetings due to snow.

Rtsmme4life: I know I understand how life gets busy..especially when sickness happens. I want warm weather too! I hope you all get well soon.

Satine: Thanks for noticing my tracker. I too struggle with things for breakfast during the work week...I don't have a lot of time in the morning and I used to be able to eat ceral but now it makes my stomach upset (i think it's the milk but I wouldn't be interested in eating ceral without milk.) So, what I have been doing is I boil 5 eggs on Sunday night, and peel them, put them in a container and I also buy the greek yogurt and I have that in in the morning. Both give me a lot of protein and I feel full. You have given me a option with the egg mcmuffin, maybe my breakfast will give you another option.

sept15lija: Yes, I will be working full time and going to school as well. I'm working on finishing my BA in Business Management. I want to get into an accelerate BA program but I was a few hours short, so I'm doing this online builder program that will help me get the hours I need to get intot he accelerate BA. I do one class for 5 weeks and then move on to another subject. My first subject is physc. I've heard that with online classes there is a lot of writing. I'm not sure what to expect and part of me wants to just not try it, but then where is that going to get me? So, I'm starting my 1st class 1-27-11 and it ends 2-22-11. I've told myself I have to do that one at least and then decide if I'm going to go on or not.
If you went back part-time what do you want to study?

Ok..I need to get back to work. Have a great day everyone!
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