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Good morning everyone!!! It sounds like everyone is doing fabulous with their weight loss, sticking to the plan and getting healthy. I had my WI yesterday, lost 1 more lb. Can't wait for next weeks WI!!! I haven't been in the 150s since, who knows, I can't remember.

My coach was telling me that one of the women in the program told her yesterday that, even though she has lost 25 lbs, she just can't do it and is quitting!!!! I told my coach to call her and tell her about this forum and to NOT GIVE UP!!!! The coach says that she cheats a lot, and doesn't follow the protocol. I hope they call her and tell her to come in here and read everyone's successes, and hiccups, and she'll see that she's not alone and she can do it.

Carla.....I read in one of your posts yesterday that we aren't supposed to be drinking the blueberry drink packet more than 3x a week. Is that all the time, or just the first couple of weeks? I really enjoy the flavor and I usually have that for my 2nd packet at least 5x a week.

NSV for doctor took me completely off of my blood pressure medicine!!! He cut my dose in half a little over a week ago, and that first weekend at half dose my blood pressure was 104-108 over 72-75, so he told me to stop taking it. I'm monitoring it daily and will report back to him should it start elevating. As of right now, it's averaging out at 110/73.

I hope everyone has a great day today.

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