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Let's try this again . .
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My surgery is tomorrow morning and I'm so ready to just do this. I'm got tons to do so that's nice-it's a great distraction and is tiring me out. Every now and then I'm slammed with the reality of the situation and freak out a bit. I'm nervous and I'm sure I'll be a mess in the morning. I just hope I made the right decision. I waited until today to explain things to my daughter (4)-not sure what she really understands. She told my mom on the phone that i'm going to the doctor to have my tummy made smaller.

So yeah-I think I've got everything I need, the house is quite clean so my mom won't have to do too much, and I'm pretty sure I got work sorted out so they don't need to ask me anything for at least a couple of days.

Now i'm going to go update my netflix queue and maybe mop the floor . . . hopefully you'll be hearing from me soon.
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