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Morning Everyone ...had a good weekend and so glad I am off today...yesterday was a sad day though as I went to one of my best friends mom's memorial service...she had copd and then they found lung cancer, she went really quickly and my friend is having such a hard time with it, it is very sad...cant imagine losing my mom or dad it was a hard time...but came home thankful that I still have my parents and for the health of myself and my loved ones.

T - I have loved the Laughing Cow cheese wedges for years, I love that they brought out those new flavors recently the queso one, and I do the same thing you did with the tortilla were the homemade tortilla chips? I have thought about doing that before...also on the wraps those are the same ones my dh eats, he does low carb most of the time and he loves those wraps...we only really shop at Kroger, is practically right beside our house and I love their sales.

Mel - sorry to hear that the puppy didnt work out but I do think it was for the best...hope he is alright.

Liz - swimming is great calorie burning exercise...doing it with a friend will be so much fun too. Glad you had fun on your girls night out.

Hi to Susie, Arabella, and Auntie G ....have a great day all.


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