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I weigh myself every day. I have tried once a week but I find myself 'cheating' as I'm not as accountable and then getting depressed when I haven't lost.

I know I'm only cheating myself but it really works for me to weigh every day - and my scales measure in 0.1 lb increments!

Sometimes when you've lost 0.6 in a week, it's better to know and be happy than think you haven't lost anything because you might have gone from 145.8 to 145.2,which wouldn't necessarily show on normal scales.
Overall goal

"Look at these people who run marathons. What makes them different to you?...
They have the same bones and muscles as you, the same sinews and organs...
you can do anything you want to, be anything you want to.
The only thing stopping you is you!

~ Money Can't Buy Me Love, by Julie Reilly
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