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Come on Spring!
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Good morning, Beachers. I am just getting in here now - got distracted by dog petting, coffee, email and a bit of kitchen tidying.

Natasha, there is nothing worse than sleet, IMHO. I'm glad you got home safely. That is one absolutely beautiful baby! I'm glad he arrived safely too!

Fluffymama, sorry about the code white but it sounds as if you are managing to survive. I assume Code White means snow emergency?

Cyndi, I know you will stick to your guns at the work meeting. The weekend with your folks sounds good. I hope the weather for travel is good although I know you are an experienced snowchick. An early "Happy 50th" to your parents - that's quite an accomplishment these days!

Matilda, good for you in recognizing what's in store when you come home. Be strong! You sound stressed but in control.

Marcie, glad you popped in to tell us about Lou's success. Good for you both!

Cottage, please don't stay too long at Cindy's! I know there's lots to do there but I'd feel much better if you are home before dark. Maybe they can buy a wee helicopter for your commute? Ask Richard - I'm sure he'd do anything for you.

Heidi, congrats on ticker truth. Mine is lying so I just am not posting her for a while - if I remember to untick the wee box. Are you getting a lot of this east coast snow? This part of Ontario is doing fine while the world around us seems snowed in.

Waisting Time, I'd rather shovel than have a hernia! I bet you'll be glad to get it over. I know what you mean about wanting to just stay home but I'm sure your friend will appreciate a girlie lunch.

I did absolutely NO deskwork yesterday except checking in here and it paid off with a solid nine hours of sleep. Today I will get back at it but am planning breaks throughout the day - a trip for veggies is a break, right? I did manage to get the fabric for the quilt borders and have that to look forward to once I finish the machine quilting on the quilt that's in the machine. I want to take it to the quilting biddies meeting on Friday.

Happy Tuesday to us all.
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