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Be happy.
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Good morning!

Natasha, I have to agree, Jaxom is a beautiful baby! My daughter's best friend also had the one artery in the umbilical cord thing last winter and we worried and prayed like mad through her pregnancy. Like Jaxom, Hannah was born perfect (and beautiful) and recently celebrated her first birthday. It's a scary thing though. I'm often glad that they didn't know as much when I was going through my pregnancies in the early 80's. I'm glad you got home safely, how soon do you expect things to get back to normal there? We saw some awful footage on the evening news!

Oh Fluffymama, it must be hard to have to stay over at work when you've got a little one at home waiting for you. Good for you planning ahead and having on plan foods with you. I hope you'll be able to get (safely) home again soon!

Cyndi, you'll be on my mind today. I hope the meeting will go well. How much snow are you supposed to get overnight/tomorrow? This storm is looking like it will veer out to sea before it gets to us. We've got almost no snow - it just doesn't look or feel like January in Maine around here. My snowshoes are collecting dust and I haven't been x country skiing either because the only open trails are the ones the make their own snow and I'm too cheap to pay the trail fees.

Matilda, I hope you feel better as the day goes on. And that your son feels better, too.

Windsong, how are you feeling today? I saw in yesterday's thread that your DH has lost some weight already. Congratulations!

Hey Linda, forget about the King of Prussia Mall, I may come visit you just to use my snowshoes! Something's wrong when you've got more snow in eastern PA than we have in the mountains of Maine! Stay safe on those roads. And good luck with the snow day tomorrow!

My weight is back where it's supposed to be this morning, so I'm pleased by that. I'm ready for it to dip a little bit lower though.. hopefully tomorrow.

Enjoy your Tuesday friends!

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