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SO very glad today is Friday. Busy weekend, but mostly good stuff...tonight hanging w/ hubby. He is on vacation for a week and I must say I'm a little jealous, but that's ok, he's certainly earned it! Tomorrow is a basketball game to watch my nephew play and my brother coach.....then we have to say goodbye to my brother for a year......he deploys to Afghanistan for a year. I am taking my niece and nephew to lunch while my sil takes my brother to the airport. They say their goodbyes at home, to spare the kids the horrible airport goodbye scene. I already know where they want to go to lunch, so I can plan for that.

Purplefirefly--How is today? Hopefully better than yesterday!!!

Jab--I LOVE the crockpot too!

Diane--Glad to hear your hamstring is better. Maybe it is the economy. We are also doing some changes (reconfiguring BUT it was made crystal clear that NO ONE was losing a job or changing jobs) and at one point everyone was going to have to apply for their own job...hard to explain, but because it is in a sense a brand new program, it would be new jobs....anyway at that point everyone was doing stellar work. As soon as they found out they didn't have to apply for their jobs....yep, everyone stopped doing not only the "extra" stuff, but the normal day to day stuff too.....these aren't new staff, these are experienced, well trained staff. AND to top it off, I'm the one being unfair and mean because I am holding people accountable for doing their job. Good times


lottie--I think you look amazing in both pics. I can totally see the diccerence in the 2nd pic. You are rockin that dress and boots!!!

dgramie--hope you feel better!


Zumba last night was awesome! I actually remember more than I thought from the regular classes, but it is SO helpful to have her teach the steps slowly and repeat them over and over. Honestly, its not the greatest workout (her regular class I am sweating buckets!), but I am moving, learning, and having a great time! I will re-start the Sat classes next week, too.

Have a great OP day everyone!!!!

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