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Default Back...Again

After getting down to 201lbs this fall I took a 5 week break. I thought after my Bday at the end of Nov I would take a break from loosing untill after Xmas. It was becomming stressful for me as it had slowed so much over the last few months. I thought no biggie, I may gain a couple lbs but nothing like last year when i gained 20lbs over December.

Well I have no idea what I weigh now but I feel like I look bigger and my newest jeans a re a tad on the snug side. Soooo....I'm back at it.

I have been away from 3FC for a while. I just got very busy and a lot discouraged because things were not moving the way i wanted. But I think this place is good for me. I feel more accountable here. I feel suported and understood. So I will be making you guys and dolls part of my new Plan.

2011 could be my year. Happy New Year!
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