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Hi Everyone,

I'm a newbie to 3FC and to the 100 lb. club and finally have time to post. It is so wonderful here . I love the fact that none of you are letting your weight control your lives. I wish I could be that way but I am just way, way, way too self conscious about my body to be as brave as you all. The last time I wore a bathing suit I was 14 and wore a mono-kini (if I'm remembering it's name right) that was after I lost my weight the first time. At age 12 I wore a woman's size 26 pants, I had lost enough weight to fit comfortably into a size 6 skirt by the time I reached age 14. Sigh... I stayed that way for a few years and had the time of my life... I was soooooo happy!!! Then when I was 16 some very bad evil things happened to me and the weight returned as a result of me not knowing how to deal with my situation. I turned to food to ease my feelings of being scared, depressed, upset, and nervous as the people I though were my true friends vanished from my life at the time I needed them most. Needless to say my weight crept back up and to even more then it was the first time. I was 26 and weighed approx. 320 lbs. by the time I realized it. I couldn't even really fit into a size 28 pants anymore, I was being suffocated by my weight when I laid down on my back, I could hardly drive because fitting behind the steering wheel was becoming a problem and sitting in a booth at a restaurant was about impossible and really uncomfortable too. Since last year I've lost 85 lbs. on my own. Life is just so much better now but my body still looks the same, only in a smaller form . Until I can "get rid" of this disgusting cellulite on my thighs and calves I will only dream of bathing suits, shorts and skirts and will just sit in my long pants by the side of the pool smiling, waving and cheering all of you on and maybe, just maybe next year by this time I will be in a suit and in the water splishing and splashing and having fun with you girls and guys too

looking forward to becoming a big loser in the year 2003!
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