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Happy New Year..... almost.

Welcome KellBell. Btw, I don't notice other biker's love handles either.

I am glad to see the holidays go..... I have got to get back on track before I end up in serious trouble. After tonight at work I will have to hang a sign around my neck "DO NOT FEED THE TAMMY". It is gonna be rough for a few days but it will be worth it.

Tymaboy, I am sure it was sad for you to have to clean the daycare stuff out..... but glad you got another job.

Holly, I agree with the cell phone usage.

CC, Did I read that you are going for your 6 month at your job already? Wow, it does not seem like that long ago. Time flies. Lol.... Btw, I LOVE your Harley jacket!

Colleen, How are you girl? I am soooo glad your DH is okay. He had someone looking out for him for sure!

Leatherman, good to see your motivation is back. Can you share with me? Lo.

Okay..... as we all know New Years is for resolution.... and this year as with the others I have to resolve to lose weight...... but my body is telling me now more than ever it is not about the pounds...... it is about how I feel. This little "free ranging" phase I have been on has made me feel like SHAT! I was reading a quote the other day..... either you want a changed body or you don't..... it is that simple. So, I decided this year I am not going to whine about my food choices.... I am going to treat my body better..... feed it what it needs.... not what I want.... and we will see how that goes. It may only last 12 hours..... but if it does.... there is no one to blame but me and no magic answer besides DO IT..... So here I go..... 2 full time jobs and eating to fuel my body instead of what I want or what is quick...... Ready, Set, GO!

I hope you all have a safe New Year's Eve and we all have the best 2011 possible. Thanks for being there for me y'all!

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