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Hey everyone tymaboy, that is a big transition isn't it. And you had that boy for so long! Big changes. I hope its a smooth transition for you.

KellBell, I also don't think about size or shape of people on bikes, I just know they are for being on a bike

Aaron, wouldn't it be nice to have dry smooth walking surfaces anywhere, anytime of year! I get back to walking in April, and do it for about 2 months.

Hi Reda, Colleen, and Tammy

today is my second day of working 6 days in a row The store is pulling in the bucks but it is hard work. And it sux that my knee just hurts almost all the time. Been taking lots of advil for it.

Yesterday a co-worker had to be reprimanded because she uses her cell phone to talk and text to her 3 kids (ages 15, 16 and 20) ALL the time, even when she is cashing a customer out. So because she was distracted (I even remember glancing over at her, thinking how awful it was that she was doing personal phone calls while ringing people out) she didn't charge a snooty Montreal lady $24 for something.

My boss FREAKED (understandably) and quietly confronted her about it when there was a quiet moment in the store. The co-worker adamantly refused to believe it, just kept insisting the remembered keying in the $24 . We have the cash register journal tape to confirm it, and she just keeps denying it. She says she HAS to have her phone to keep track of her kids, get them rides, etc. And just did not accept that maybe she made a mistake.

I would like the boss to lay down the law and say NO cell phone use. That her kids can call the store number if there is an emergency. Because it is unfair that there are no consequences there, when an employee doesn't do what they are supposed to do, as opposed to those who do (me, the shining angel, lol) But still.

OK I've got to get doing things, I'm supposed to go into work a half hour earlier, ugh!!!
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