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It does look as though you're not getting nearly enough protein. Protein and fat keeps us from being hungry on Atkins and helps tame the urge to snack.
And I see a lot of artificial sweeteners on the day you posted. Sugar-free candy, shakes, and other "fake" foods are bad news on Atkins for many people. The fillers in veggie burgers are usually carbohydrate-rich. Remember, Atkins is not designed for vegetarians.

Jerseygyrl and Atkins recommends shopping from the outer perimeters of the grocery - fresh vegetables, meats, poultry, fish, cheeses, butter, sour cream, cream. I find the fewer convenience, prepared foods I eat, the more I lose.

I know preparing meat, chicken and fish is a pain. I have weeks that I can't face cooking. I buy a rotisserie chicken and make a big container of chicken salad and cook a roast, a small pork tenderloin or make a meatloaf so I can have several meals without cooking. I also depend on the sausage, egg and cheese quiche for quick protein-packed meals; one recipe gives me about 6 protein meals. I use it for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Your deviled eggs idea is a good one. I do that too sometimes.

Last night, I made short ribs, enough for two meals. This morning I'll be making the quiche - it's become my convenience food go-to.

You might also try sending JerseyGyrl your menu in a private message and asking her what she advises. It's going to be okay; we're doing fine. We just have to go back to the 1972 Induction list and take our food cues from it. Have a good day!

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