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Default Eating more veggies and my carb count is skyrocketing...

I've been focusing on a primarily veggie diet the past 2 days, and my carbs have been significantly higher than before because veggies have a higher carb count than meats and cheeses. This is worrying me a lot because I don't want to stall out, but I'm really enjoying my veggies.

Typical menu:

breakfast: 2 egg omelet with shredded cheddar cheese
lunch: veggie burger w/ a side of broccoli salad (steamed broccoli, cheese, bacon, onion, and a mayo/vinegar/splenda dressing)
snack: atkins shake
dinner: a square or two of my spaghetti squash dish (spaghetti squash, tomato, onion, garlic, and seasonings topped with cheese and then baked)
snack: either some sugar-free candy or some nuts, maybe a sweet drink made with one of my sugar-free syrups. Tonight I had skillet-melted cheese with pepperoni dipped in some ranch.

Now...primarily my carbs are coming from veggies, but those "extra" carbs adding up along with my veggies are freaking me out. Today I was at about 30 carbs (about 19 of them from veggies I think) with 120g of fat and less than 100g of protein. Do you think maybe I'm snacking more because I'm hungry due to lack of protein? I'm not the biggest meat fan and it's a big pain to prepare, so maybe if I kept deviled/boiled eggs on hand and snacked on those along with my veggie dishes (of course prepared with butter and oil ) it would help. Any advice?

My carb counts are pretty inaccurate right now because I don't have a food scale. It should be arriving sometime this week. I think my numbers are pretty close, though.
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