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Originally Posted by jazzang View Post
When I first started, I did not count calories, I just stuck to the SB rules. Now (about a year later) I try to follow the general principles of SB and also keep track of how many calories I consume, especially if i eat something non-SB-friendly.

It might be a good idea to track what you eat for a few days and see how many calories it adds up to. That way you can tell if you are consuming too many calories, or if you're doing ok. Also good to make sure you are getting ENOUGH calories! South beach is all about eating high quality foods, and eating until you're full, so it sounds like you're probably ok. But if you curious, definitely do a little investigation!
Thank you Jazz, it looks like I'm doing ok Just seems like some days I eat a lot and so low in calories. I just completed phase 1 and lost 5 lbs so I hope thats good.
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