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Default Ex boyfriend advice

So my boyfriend broke up me with a month ago. After that we tried to remain friends and did a good job of it (we had been best friends before the relationship). But then we had a pretty bad fight. Words were said, some harsh ones.. on both our parts. That was a month ago.

Now he has basically ignored me for the past month. I mean he has practically dropped off the face of the planet. Here lately I've noticed he has been trying to make me jealous via online flirting with other girls. I know this because he slipped and posted a "private message" as a comment. He is basically getting girls to leave him flattering comments and such to get my attention.

I don't know how to deal with such a passive aggressive action. I have been ignoring him but it makes me angry that he would act this way. It is beyond immature and totally pointless. We are both adults and he is actually quite a bit older than me. Is he trying to prove a point, get revenge, hurt me, or get a reaction? Why is he stooping so low and do you guys have any advice for me at all? I appreciate it so much.
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